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Promoting Physical Activity and Exercise: Encouraging Movement and Mobility in Elderly Care


Physical activity and exercise are crucial in every phase of life but it is especially necessary for elderly members of our community. Elder home care services understand that an inactive sedentary lifestyle in later years negatively impacts the muscle mass and bone density of elderly individuals and slows them down beyond their years. 

A routine of any sort of physical activity whether it's walking, seated, or standing exercises can work marvels in improving not only the physical health of the elders but also their mental, emotional, psychological, social, and cognitive function and well-being. Caregivers of elder home care services appreciate the many benefits of encouraging movement and mobility in seniors. These caregivers of elder home care services are well equipped to assist their elderly clients with various exercises specifically suited to each patient’s needs and thus, help to improve their health and promote their independence and autonomy. 

Preventing diseases

One of the most essential aspects of elder home care services’ monitored physical activity and exercise is the prevention of various diseases in older adults. Caregivers at elder home care services assist elders with exercises that are personalized for them. Elder home care services provide the facilities for their elderly patients depending on what their body and health allow. 

Even with light exercise like walking, chair, or standing exercises performed under the supervision of caregivers of elder home care services, physical activity plays an important role in reducing blood pressure, and high cholesterol and decreasing risk for stroke, diabetes type 2, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, and bone disorders. Physical activity performed under the guidance of elder home care services improves the muscle mass and bone density of elderly patients, making them more active and present in their own lives. 

Improving sleep

Significant research data proves that physical activity and light exercise performed consistently under supervision or with the assistance of caregivers from elder home care services not only contribute towards better sleep but also improve the quality of sleep. Sleep is an important function of the body. A good sleeping routine is necessary to maintain good physical and mental health.

Regular disturbances in sleep lead to chronic fatigue, irritation, and poor overall health. Elder home care services aim to provide holistic care for their patients including improving the quality of their sleep. A regular exercise routine helps elders sleep through the night and wake up with a fresh mind, ready to engage in the events of the day. 

Minimizing risks of falls

The risk of falls is one of the greatest concerns for elder home care services. Caregivers at elder home care services understand that falls can prove to be catastrophic for elderly patients and their health. Elder home care services aim to prevent not only extensive hospital stays but also subjection to potent medications for pain relief. 

Physical activity in terms of regular light exercise or walking can not only improve the balance and coordination of older adults but also their flexibility and endurance. Elder home care services’ monitored physical activity improves the muscle tone and bone density of seniors under their care, thereby improving their core strength and stability and promoting their independence and freedom. 

Enhancing their mental health and cognitive function

Elder home care services understand that good physical health necessitates good mental health. By walking in groups or performing gentle exercises with peers, elder care services aim to improve the social engagement of their elderly clients as well as their mental health. Having a lively conversation and keeping up with current affairs can do wonders for the mental health of older adults and preclude feelings of alienation and isolation. Physical activity and exercise also boost thinking and memory. 

It reduces stress and anxiety and improves the mood and sleep of older adults, which has a positive impact on the cognitive well-being of older adults. Thus, by helping older adults perform regular physical exercise, elder home care services prevent cognitive decline. 

Caregivers by ASR Home Care™ are highly trained in providing holistic care to their elderly clients, thereby providing them with the highest standards of elder home care services. These elder home care services are personalized to meet the specific requirements of every individual, including the type of exercise they need or can perform. Elder home care services by ASR Home Care™ encourage movement and mobility in their elderly patients so that they can enjoy their lives to the fullest.