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Activities of Daily Living

Mastering Life's Essentials: A Guide to Activities of Daily Living

Often, patients realize that their illness, injury, or medical condition restricts activity in their daily lives, making living alone too difficult. This may simply occur as part of the aging process as well. They want to improve their circumstances and stay in the comfort of home, but prefer not to become a burden to their family. Many find hope with ASR Home Care. ASR Home Care is a trusted provider of homecare services that are tailored to meet individual needs while promoting independence in the home. We understand the difficulties that a family faces when a loved one is unable to perform basic daily living tasks without assistance, such as dressing, eating, or climbing the stairs on their own. ASR Home Care can help.

 ASR Home Care's daily living activities services include, but are not limited to the following*:

ASR Home Care's professional and trustworthy caregivers ensure you or your loved one is staying healthy and safe by providing assistance with many daily living activities, with services ranging anywhere from a few hours to 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. 
You can depend on ASR Home Care to assign a qualified and compassionate caregiver to you or your loved one. We will compare your preferences to our caregivers’ qualifications, ensuring a compatible match. All of ASR Home Care's  caregivers undergo thorough interviewing, testing, and screening prior to employment