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Care Giving

Personal Care Assistance


Once an active and engaged member of society, our beloved seniors suffering from chronic illnesses, disabilities, mobility limitations, or recovering from extensive hospital stays tend to require assistance with the daily activities of life. Personal care assistance services play a vital role in assisting individuals who need support with the activities of their daily lives. Personal care assistance services involve assisting with personal hygiene like brushing, bathing, dressing and grooming, and using a toilet.

 Personal care assistance services help to enhance the quality of an individual’s life all the while promoting a sense of independence and dignity. Personal care assistance services ensure that an aging adult is cared for in a manner that is respectful, sensitive, and dignified. Caregivers hired by ASR Home Care™ providing personal care assistance services are professional and highly trained and encourage seniors to live independently where they can. Personal care assistance services ensure that a senior is well looked after in their old age while still enjoying the comfort and familiarity of their own homes. 

Bathing and showering assistance

Often individuals in their later years or with mobility problems have difficulty bathing or showering themselves. The risk of falls is significant, which can be very traumatizing in old age. Personal care assistance services offer assistance with bathing and showering seniors as a regular bathing routine can significantly enhance the quality of their lives. An aged individual with seriously reduced mobility can be bathed in a bed bath. This ensures their hygiene from the comfort of their beds with minimum disruption to their life. 

Caregivers providing personal care assistance services use gentle clothes and warm water to provide a full bathing routine to reduce the risk of any skin condition developing. For those individuals who can be bathed in a bathroom, it is crucial to ensure that the floors and walls are not slippery, grab bars are professionally installed, rubber safety mats are used to prevent slipping, water temperature is adequate, and mild non-irritating soap and shampoo is used. Additionally, a bath bench and handheld hose can improve the ease and safety of bathing. Personal care assistance services can be tailored according to the specific needs of the individual so they can receive the maximum benefit from them. 

Dressing and grooming assistance

Looking presentable can have a positive impact on a senior’s physical and emotional health. Most elderly individuals with mobility impairments can find it difficult to dress and groom themselves due to reduced coordination and vision. Personal care assistance services providing dressing and grooming assistance involve helping the elderly individual with putting on and taking off clothes, socks, and shoes, fastening buttons or donning zippers, combing hair, clipping nails, and shaving facial hair. Personal care assistance services provide efficient dressing and grooming services by ensuring effective communication, prioritizing the elderly individual’s preferences, paying attention to detail, and encouraging independence wherever possible. Caregivers assess every senior's specific needs and tailor their services accordingly. Caregivers providing personal care assistance services promote a sense of autonomy by making sure that seniors have a say in their lives and only step in where they are needed. 

Toileting and incontinence care

Something as simple as going to the toilet can be quite a challenge for elderly individuals suffering from mobility problems. Incontinence in elderly individuals can also be quite a daunting task for the caregivers. The most important aspect for the caregivers in this scenario is to remain calm and tolerant to not make the senior feel ashamed. 
Personal care assistance services provide

  1. Toileting care by helping the senior reach the toilet, 
  2. Helping them to sit on the commode, 
  3. Encouraging the use of bathroom rails for stability,
  4.  Using bathroom mats to prevent slippage, 
  5. Providing privacy by turning away, 
  6. Passing them wipes or if needed, 
  7. Cleaning them with wipes, 
  8. Helping them stand, button up clothes and washing their hands.

     Incontinence can result from medications, weak pelvic floor, or weak bowel muscles. Incontinence care involves the use of incontinence pads, doctor-recommended medicines, pelvic floor exercises, bladder training, and a high-fiber diet. Personal care assistance services ensure that pads are changed as needed and proper hygiene is maintained. Caregivers at ASR Home Care™ provide these personal care assistance services professionally thus minimizing the feelings of embarrassment and maintaining our seniors’ dignity. 

Oral hygiene assistance

Elderly individuals can experience difficulty with brushing their teeth regularly due to problems with mobility and coordination. Maintaining oral hygiene is essential for maintaining the overall health of the patient. Plaque buildup and gum disease with frequent bleeding due to not brushing can significantly affect the quality of a senior’s life. Personal care assistance services involve assisting the elderly individual with regular brushing, use of mouthwash, maintaining tongue hygiene, and also maintaining the hygiene of their dentures if they wear any. Caregivers ensure that patients do not wear their dentures at night to prevent inflammation. Good oral hygiene can improve a senior's confidence and overall well-being. 

Caregivers at ASR Home Care™ are professionally trained to provide personal care assistance services in a considerate manner. They prioritize the senior’s preferences and maintain their sense of dignity, autonomy, and independence. ASR Home Care™ specializes in providing quality personal care assistance services to elderly individuals thereby enhancing their quality of life and improving their physical, mental, and emotional health.