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The Healing Power of Nature: Incorporating Outdoor Activities and Nature-Based Therapies into Elderly Care



Nature is healing. Spending even half an hour in nature every day can have a significantly positive impact on health and is an important aspect of elderly care services. The healing power of nature is known to improve the cardiovascular health, and emotional and mental well-being of seniors and improve their mood. Thus, professional caregivers hired by ASR Home Care™ incorporate outdoor activities and nature-based therapies in their tailored elderly care services. Gardening, walks in the park, bird watching, fishing, fruit picking, and partaking in outdoor community events are some of the nature-based activities that can be incorporated into the elderly care services. These personalized elderly care services not only improve the overall health and mood of older adults but also reduce depression, anxiety, and stress. Moreover, nature-based activities added to elderly care services of older adults enhance their sleeping patterns and provide a much-needed break from the monotony of everyday routine. 



One of the best activities to incorporate into the elderly care services is gardening. Gardening allows the older adult to put their green thumb to use whilst enjoying the fresh air and outdoor scenery. Elderly care services involve gardening in their personalized approaches because it is a nature-based activity that can be done from the comfort of their homes. Tending to their garden can also work as a light gentle exercise in elderly care services that can improve the strength of their muscles and mobility. Seniors can also enjoy the fruits of their labor when the garden is in bloom. Caregivers incorporating gardening in elderly care services understand that such activity not only improves their physical health but also provides mental engagement and stimulation. 


Caregivers providing elderly care services can also have their clients join gardening clubs to increase their social interaction. This reduces their feelings of alienation and isolation and allows them to be active members of society. 



Elderly care services include walking in their care plans as this is one of the best forms of physical activity for older adults. Walking in the park or a garden has multiple benefits. Caregivers providing elderly care services appreciate that walking offers a harmless way for seniors to exercise their muscles, strengthen their joints, and improve their coordination and balance while also enjoying the fresh air, change of scenery, and interaction with others. 


Bird watching 

For older adults suffering from mobility problems, elderly care services can include bird watching to enhance their connection with nature. This outdoor activity can be done while seated or can be done while walking a short distance, thus easily incorporated into elderly care services. Focusing on birds allows the seniors’ minds to calm down and give them time to reflect. Learning about various birds can be engaging for older adults and proves to be a healthy way to spend their time and soothe their minds.  


Fruit picking 

Fruit picking is an exciting activity that can be incorporated into nature-based care by elderly care services. Involving the older adult in the planning and letting them choose the orchard fosters a sense of autonomy and independence. Elderly care services appreciate that fruit picking can also provide a gateway to scenic drives and outdoor picnics. This activity refreshes the older adults, allows them a change of scenery, and to enjoy the fruits they have picked. Elderly care services can also make this a group activity so that the older adults can enjoy the company and conversation of their peers. 


Outdoor yoga

The goal of elderly care services is to provide holistic care to their elderly clients. Combining light exercise like yoga with nature offers multiple benefits for the older adults in their care.  Yoga relaxes the mind and provides clarity. Performing it outdoors can boost the seniors’ minds and deepen their connection with nature. 


Elderly care services by ASR Home Care™ cover all the bases of seniors’ care. Our caregivers are highly trained to provide the elderly care services that older adults need. Connecting with nature not only soothes their minds but has an overall healing effect on their physical, mental, emotional, and cognitive well-being.